Welcome to Valencia

Do you want to live in Valencia?

There’s a lot to like about Valencia!

First, there’s the location and climate. It sits right on Spain’s eastern Mediterranean shore. That means urban beaches and a temperate climate that is spring-like much of the year.

Next, it’s a major city —Spain’s third-largest— with all the big-city amenities, including an international airport, plenty of culture (it’s especially famous for music) and great restaurants, bars, and cafés.

Yet Valencia is reasonably small—about 800,000 people living in the central city and around 1.6 million in the urban area—so it’s manageable.

If you like the beach, Valencia is the place to be!

The beaches in Valencia are known for its calm Mediterranean waters and fine grained sand. Even better are the boardwalks along the beach with restaurants serving the best paellas and lively atmosphere.


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