Marlinda Uhrig

“You have a dream, you want to go for it, but you don’t know the language or the regulations. I don’t want us to become an episode in one of these famous emigration tv programmes’, so we asked Marja to help us with the complete relocation.”

Says Marlinda Mennes. Together with her husband and two daughters aged 7 and 4, Marlinda emigrated to the village of la Pobla de Vallbona in Valencia in December 2022. Match Better Valencia assisted them with advice and action.

“My husband and I had been talking about emigrating abroad for years but we didn’t dare for a long time. There are 100 reasons not to do it. Because you really want it is the only reason to do it. So last year we thought of looking around Spain anyway. Not too southern because it’s too hot in summer, preferably near a city, close to the coast and an airport. All our wishes came together near Valencia.”

After a search and several viewings, including some together with Match Better Valencia, a detached house in la Pobla de Vallbona half an hour from the city of Valencia appealed to Marlinda and her family.

“We were looking for a house a bit in the mountains. I want freedom and to be able to do whatever I want without having to think if anyone sees or hears. A bit further away from the city you also get more for your money. Our house on the campo has it all: detached with mountain views, 2,000 m2 of land, little pool and a guest house for family and friends coming over from the Netherlands.”

Marlinda felt it was very important to have someone looking on right from the start, so she wouldn’t make mistakes or overlook things. Pretty soon, therefore, they engaged Marja from Match Better Valencia to watch along as they made their plans concrete.

“We didn’t want to get ourselves into trouble. Right away, Marja was already able to help us concretely because the house turned out not to be registered when we wanted to buy it. This had to be sorted out and registered, which took about three months. When it was settled, we were at the notary’s office a week later to sign. Marja helped us with the whole relocation, like a checklist so we wouldn’t forget anything. She went with us a lot because she speaks Spanish and has the knowledge from Spain.”

Marlinda says she is very satisfied with Match Better Valencia’s help.

“We are extremely happy with the guidance we received from Match Better Valencia. Marja herself is so knowledgeable, she is clear and straightforward. If something needs to be arranged, it happens quickly. We also really enjoyed working with Suzanne and Julian. We really couldn’t have done it without them.”

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