Family in Alzira

“It is very nice to have some kind of support in a country where you don’t know anyone and don’t speak the language. Marja and her team take over everything, so we experienced the whole (purchase) process as worry-free.”

So say the buyers of their family home in Alzira in the area known as “the green lung of Valencia. In their search, they came via via into contact with Marja Beerens of Match Better Valencia.

“We had been looking around for several years for a place where we felt comfortable. To buy a house there. In our search we visited the less warm parts of southern Europe. After Greece, Italy, northern Spain and Portugal, we actually ended up in Valencia by chance. We liked it immediately, the people are so friendly, we were immediately sold. It was clear to us: this is where we want to look further.”

“The focus of our search was mainly north of Valencia, but we found nothing there. After returning to the Netherlands, my husband found a beautiful house in Alzira online. We didn’t actually know the area yet. What appealed to us immediately is that Alzira is the green lung of Valencia.”

Viewing a house from the Netherlands is difficult. Through an acquaintance who is in Valencia a lot and has positive experiences with Marja, Match Better Valencia was contacted.

“We were in the Netherlands and called Marja that we had found a house and if she could go to have a look. After some research by Marja, it turned out that the house had just been sold. But 2 days later Marja called that the sale did not go through. She immediately called and made an appointment for a viewing. A few days later Marja walked through the house with Facetime and we viewed the house via videocall. A new experience, but with today’s techniques and Marja inspecting everything very well, we were completely confident it was right. In a few days we were settled and our offer was accepted.”

Buying a house in Spain involves a lot of arranging, things you don’t think of beforehand or think you can arrange from the Netherlands. Marja’s team got to work on these matters as well.

“You know in advance that things are different in another country, slower for example. It took quite some time after our offer was accepted to arrange things and complete the purchase. Think for example of applying for an NIE number and arranging the correct land registration. The team of Match Better Valencia: Marja, Julian and Virginia took care of this completely. Even after the key transfer Suzan still went to work for us to arrange connections with gas, water and electricity, among other things.”

When you buy a house or apartment in Spain, you can use it for different purposes: as a permanent place to live, as a vacation home or as an investment to rent out, for example.

“We use our house in Alzira as a family home. It is in the middle of a beautiful green area in the orange grove. We don’t live there, but spend wonderful time here alone or with our children.”

In your search for a dream place under the sun, the team at Match Better Valencia will help answer all your questions and arrange the necessary matters.

“We recommend Marja and the entire team at Match Better Valencia if you are looking to buy a home in or region of Valencia. Marja’s thoroughness at times when it is needed is very nice. Marja has an extremely capable and intelligent lawyer she works with (to buy a house in Spain you have to hire a lawyer). The team has very good and also nice people who take over everything completely from you making it worry-free. We are very satisfied.”

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