Pay attention to this when buying a house in Valencia

Buying a house is a big step for most people and something you don’t do every day. It can be difficult if you buy in another country, where you don’t speak the language and don’t know the customs. Match Better Valencia has many years of experience in purchasing guidance. Here you will find several tips that you should pay attention to when buying a house in Valencia.

Compare before you buy

Don’t buy the first house you see but take the time to compare. Not only the house itself, but also the environment is very important. Let Match Better Valencia inform you about the location. We know the city and the surroundings of Valencia like no other. You should think about shops, schools, a medical center, a park, or public transport in the area.

Be aware of additional costs

In addition to the purchase price, there are additional costs that you must consider. Know that the IBI, property tax of 10% (in Valencia) is not included when you see a house for sale. Also consider common costs, maintenance, municipal taxes, etc.

Find out what you can spend

If you need a mortgage, it is good to know what you can borrow. Spanish banks look at income, equity, but also whether and how long you are a resident in Spain. The interest rate that you get is always over the purchase price of the home without taxes and costs that you incur when purchasing.

Are you paying the right price?

To know whether you are paying the right price, it is useful to do proper research in the neighborhood where you want to buy. What is the price of comparable homes in the same area? But also take a good look at the condition of the house. Check carefully that there are no defects in the house. Sometimes it is not so easy to see, and it is advisable to hire an appraiser. If you need a mortgage, you must provide an appraisal report, or the bank will arrange an appraiser itself.

Negotiate the price

Whether and how much you want to negotiate obviously depends on how badly you want to buy the house. In addition, it also depends on the selling party. If they have time to sell, they won’t act quickly. Nevertheless, the buyer always has the option to make an offer.

Registration and legal paperwork

To properly process the registration and legal paperwork, it is advisable to involve a lawyer in the purchase. This means that the lawyer can check in advance whether the house is free of debt and is correctly registered. During the purchase, the lawyer checks whether the purchase contract is correct and whether the procedure is proceeding correctly.

When buying a house in Valencia

You can find a lot of information at Ayuntamiento Valencia, but it is recommended to ask for our expert help. Match Better Valencia has an expert team of people who help with purchase guidance. Virginia is the lawyer on our team, and she has already made many successful purchases through Match Better Valencia. In addition to Spanish, she also speaks good English.

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