Finding your new property in Valencia

Finding your ideal location in Valencia

First of all Match Better Property is NOT a real estate agent, but a Property Finder! We are totally independent and work only for our selected clients.

Once we have spoken we will contact the best agents in your search area to locate the most suitable properties for you. We will send you recommended properties, based on your requirments. We will prepare together a short list of properties before your visit.

This means you do not waste any time viewing properties that are unsuitable.

We will assit you during your visits when necessary and we will ensure you receive honest and essential information on each property. Remember, unlike estate agents, I work for you, not for the seller. If we think a property is unsuitable we will tell you and explain why.

If required, I will set up a meeting with an independent lawyer who will talk you through the property purchase process and answer any questions you may have. She will also give you the opportunity to give her the power of attorney and leave the whole process in her hands.

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Property Search

    Property Search

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    What is your ideal budget in EUROS?

    What is your ideal budget in EUROS?

    Have you already spoken to a qualified lawyer to oversee your eventual purchase? Please, be advised that I will not assist anybody who does not contract a qualified lawyer.

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    Is the property a permanent home / holiday home or simply an investment? Please, tick as many boxes as required.

    Please, add as much information as possible. Remember, we are working together on your property search.